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Web Portfolio

Campbell Killefer

Marzouk and Perry

Campbell Killefer, Meaningful Mediation

Date Completed: November 2012

Features: Custom graphics package, Javascript contact/inquiry form

Marzouk & Parry, Attornies at Law

Date Completed: July 2011

Features: RSS Feed

Diana Gary, Esq.

AFSCME Local 2380

Diana Gary, Esq., Attorney at Law

Date Completed: May 2011

Features: Custom graphics package, original logo design

Montgomery College Staff Union, Local 2380

Date Completed: December 2010

Features: RSS Feed of state news, live Twitter feed from National organization, PDF downloads

K-Wire, Baltimore MD Montgomery College CAT Site


Date Completed: May 2010

Features: Collapsible / animated area in navigation bar, Flash movie, PHP Inquiry Form, custom graphics. This was a group effort along with my colleagues in my Web Portfolio class at Montgomery College. I designed the site and programmed the navigation while my cohorts were responsible for the Flash, the product pages, and designing the Inquiry Form.

Montgomery College CAT Department, Rockville MD

Date Completed: August 2009

Features: JavaScript rollover images in navigation bar, embedded QuickTime movie, downloadable PDF's, page-in-page iframes.

Creative Kitchens MC Staff Professional Day Site

Creative Kitchens by Dobbs, Olney MD

Date Completed: November 2009

Features: Flash slideshow, original logo design


Montgomery College Staff Professional Day Conference

Date Completed: February 2010

Features: Flash Slideshow, downloadable PDF's, original logo design


24 Hour Drain Service Mary Beth Beattie

24 Hour Drain Service, Laytonsville MD

Date Completed: January 2010

Features: Flash banner, Flash slideshow


Law Office of Mary Beth Beattie, Rockville MD

Date Completed: July 2009

Features: Original graphics package, downloadable PDF


Pentalpha 38 OES Shannon Tree

Pentalpha #38 OES, Germantown, MD

Date Revised: March 2010

Features: Custom graphics package, Flash slideshow


Shannon Tree & Landscaping, Silver Spring MD

Date Completed: October 2008 / Revised: May 2009

Features: Original graphics package. This was my first website for an outside client.


Cabin Films Revamp Sunoco

Cabin Films, Cabin John MD

Date Completed: January 2009

Previously existing site that was done in table layout, I only updated the code to CSS. This site is not my original design... it only shows my ability to adapt existing web pages to newer code.


North Rockville Sunoco, Rockville MD (NOT LIVE ON THE WEB)

Date Completed: December 2008

Features: Original photos, downloadable PDF (coupons). The design idea was a christmas gift for the owner, and although he loves the design, he has never finalized the text or set up a hosting service. Hopefully we'll get this site up and running someday!