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Graphic Design

This is my latest creation in Illustrator. We used a photograph as a template and reproduced it by drawing on top. The original stock photo is on the right.

Colored Pencils Original pencils

I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator in a "Digital Tools for the Graphic Professional" class. These are the very first images I ever produced in Illustrator. We spent a couple weeks learning the basic tools and then made these "text illustrations" - we typed in words and then embellished them to look like what they mean. A lot of fun and no art skills required!

Text IllustrationsText IllustrationsText Illustrations

I worked with Illustrator much more in a Fundamentals of Graphic Design class and furthered my skills in Photoshop and Fireworks. Here are some of my projects:

Art Nouveau magazine ad

A magazine ad that not only illustrates a period in Art History, but uses the style of that time period. Done in Illustrator.

Obama Stamp

Our assignment was to design a new postage stamp which commemorated President Obama. Done in Illustrator.

Medusa Typography Flower Garden Typography

Two more typography assignments - these were done with a combination of Photoshop and Fireworks.