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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you spell "Wingz" with a "Z"?

Because I wanted to give my name a unique touch that would stand out in a crowd - just like the sites I design!

Will my site look the same on everyone's computer?

Web sites can vary slightly in appearance depending on a person's operating system, browser, and monitor. That's why I always look at my sites on both a PC and a Mac in 7 different browsers on 3 different sized monitors before I put them up on the Web. This ensures they look almost identical and function correctly on any computer using the most popular browsers.

Will people see my site if they search for it in Google?

I add "keywords" into the code of your pages so they can be found by search engines and will also submit a request to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to include your site. However, it can take them as long as 6 weeks to update their database and the results can be unpredictable. The only way to be absolutely certain you will be the top result in a major search engine is to pay for a listing. I am not an expert in e-Marketing... if you are interested in heavy exposure and marketing of your site, I recommend that you look into a company which specializes in advertising after I've completed your site and it's live on the Web.

How much does it cost for the hosting? How much is a domain name?

That depends on the company that you choose as your hosting service. I do not provide hosting, I only design and upload your site to the server that you contract with. I can recommend a few services and assist you in this decision.

How much do you charge for the design?

That depends on a lot of things including: The number of pages, the amount of text that has to be typed, how much graphic design or photo retouching is needed, whether I need to include audio or video, and several other factors. Please don't hesitate to email me for a quote!

What if I want to make changes or updates to my site after its live?

I will make small updates to your site at no charge for the first 6 months. Major changes will be charged hourly. After 6 months, we can make an arrangement for maintenance that suits your needs.

I saw a really great web site and I want mine to look just like it - can you do that?

Most likely... however I cannot "borrow" any photos, graphics, videos, or animations from other sites. Copyright laws apply even on the Web. But I can copy a general layout and "look" of a site if it appeals to you.

Can you do animations or a slide show on my site?

Yes - I can do simple animations with Adobe Flash if they do not involve a great deal of drawing - I am not an artist! Slide shows of photographs or artwork are not a problem.

I don't know anything about web pages and/or I have no idea what I want my site to look like -
can you still help me?

Of course! I have worked with clients at all levels of expectations and prior knowledge of the Internet.

I have a photo (or a logo or graphic) but it's on paper... can you still put it on my web page?

Yes - I can scan it for you.

I don't have any photographs or clip art to give you.

No problem! There are many places to legally acquire free stock photos and clip art for personal web sites that we can use.