Email: michelle@dragonflywingz.com

Photo by Jon Goell

Education and Background

I've been dabbling in HTML for almost 10 years. I started taking formal college level courses in the Fall of 2007. I have an Associate in Applied Sciences degree with a major in Web Design from Montgomery College.

I've taken classes in Professional Web Design, Web Graphics, Adobe Flash, Actionscript, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Tools for Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design Fundamentals, and Digital Photography.

In the Fall of 2008, I signed on my first client- Shannon Tree & Landscaping of Silver Spring Maryland. To see their site, as well as the ones I've designed for other clients, go to my Portfolio Page.

I code in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - which is far more flexible than the strict table–based layouts that so many other designers and “do-it-yourself” software packages use. They are also much easier and faster to edit making maintenance very quick– which is why you'll never have to wait days for an update! In addtion, all of my sites are validated by the W3C before they go up on the Web and get tested in several browsers for compatibility (More about that on the FAQ page!).